#SBS Winner Sunday 20th July 2014, Twitter, Theo Paphitis

#SBS winner twitter Theo Paphitis

So last night I won #SBS on Twitter!  Theo Paphitis (from Dragon’s Den) runs this event every Sunday on Twitter, and then on Monday he picks 6 businesses that he then retweets to his massive 437,000 followers on Monday at 8pm.  And last night I was one of the lucky six!

Like most things, all the excitement seems to happen when I am doing something else.  In this case, I was in the bath listening to an audiobook after a long day and wondering why my phone kept buzzing with notifications and interrupting the good bits in the book!  Then when I got out and saw 47 emails in my in-box I knew something was up lol.  It’s so exciting! I also needed a win after recent events.

I started doing #SBS over a year ago and I did it pretty much every Sunday but then got a little despondent thinking “it’s never going to happen” but actually I don’t think I was in the right place with my business to be worthy of winning.  Since then I have made a lot of changes both to the business plan and also my branding and website.  The last time I did #SBS was in March this year, just before I went to Harrogate.  I’ve been kinda busy since then and not been online on Sundays very much, but this week I was working on an application for something else and I thought, hey it’s Sunday, it’s 7pm, I think I should do #SBS and look what happened!

I can’t wait to be introduced to the #SBS family and take things forward – onwards and upwards!

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