More reasons to love CreativeLive this week

My new favourite e-classroom venue is CreativeLive!

OMG I have watched so many CreativeLive classes this year and STILL there are more I can’t wait to see!  I’m a big fan and have bought more than a few courses so far but one of my favourite features of CreativeLive is their free ON AIR broadcast schedule where you can watch any class on the current schedule for free.  Just visit CreativeLive and check out their current free broadcast schedule and find a class that speaks to you. I watch a little bit of something pretty much every day.  Also for the month of May, they are running a free video series called 30 Days of Creative Genius, featuring interviews with such amazing people as Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Marie Forleo, Gretchen Rubin, Lewis Howes, Jared Leto and many more.  Just sign up for free and each day they will send you an email with a link to watch the videos.

CreativeLive 30% off ANY class until Sunday

And here’s the really good news!  They are also having a sale this week on ALL their classes until Sunday.  I am still trying to narrow down which classes I want to buy from the ones I have saved in my wishlist.  They have some really excellent classes and instructors so it’s a difficult choice.  They specialise in classes and courses in the following areas – Photo & Video, Art & Design, Music & Audio, Craft & Maker, and Money & Life. I think I’ve watched classes in all of these channels and never been disappointed yet.  All their classes are recorded in front of a live audience so it’s a great atmosphere and it really makes you feel like you are there as part of the audience. The audience isn’t passive either, there is audience participation, as they are there to learn too.

You also get lifetime access with these classes, plus the option to download the videos in standard or HD format, plus all the class materials, workbooks etc.  I quite often watch or listen along with a free-to-air class while I’m working on the computer or working out and I find it easy to fit a class into my day with a little bit of multitasking!  Find out what your next class will be by clicking the link below.  I’m off to find my next class!

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