2016 The year that UFOs become WIP

ufo cross stitch cat DSC_0557[1]So here we are, 2016, and I found this lovely {unfinished} cross stitch of my cat, Wombat. He was a kitten when I started making this and now he is 17.  Has it really taken me 17 years to do this?  No, not at all, because it’s one of those mysterious UFOs (UnFinished Object) that was started with great gusto and then for reasons undetermined, was put aside.  Fast forward approximately 17 years and it has been unearthed (from the spare room where it was almost in plain sight but even though “unseen” I was very aware of where it was) and probably to the naked eye it looks pretty much complete… except, actually a lot of these little stitches that should be X (full stitches) are actually only / (half stitches) :/

It’s ridiculous really.  This was supposed to be a cushion that we could have been enjoying (as much as you enjoy a cushion) all these years, instead it’s been wrapped up in a bag and put out of sight.  In fact, it used to be set up on an embroidery stand but that made me a little nuts seeing it and falling over it while it gathered dust, so I rolled it up and put it “out of sight”.  There are many reasons that projects become UFOs instead of WIPs, and a lot of them have to do with changes in circumstances or some kind of upheaval eg moving house, moving countries, emotional upheavals, some other kind of disruption or life change, you get the idea.  But it can also be due to boredom (maybe you just got so tired of making those little ecru stitches over and over) or it can be due to changes in taste or style or interest.  You started it because you really loved this new hobby you discovered and then halfway through, you realised that you wanted to experience something else, or you had already discovered another hobby or craft, or maybe you just weren’t that interested in this hobby in the first place, and so the poor, little bit sad, UFO, gets cast aside or put away and forgotten about.

For me, I remember I decided that I wanted to make it look more like my cat, so that made me stop while I considered how to make it so, but then during this time several other life changing events occurred and I really couldn’t think about sitting down and working out how to make this project look more like my actual cat, and then it just got forgotten about. So I give you UFO number 1.  I was going to challenge you at this point, to beat having an UFO for longer than 17 years but I already got that covered by several more cross stitch designs that are even less complete than this one, and when I get a chance I will reveal those too.  But one step at a time, this is going to be the first UFO to be changed to the WIP status.  WIP for those who don’t know, means Work in Progress, and it actually means that actual work will actually be done on it, as opposed to it remaining in a cupboard, say.

Now although I should technically now be focused on finishing this cross stitch, I was looking for something in the tardis that is the Sewing Room and I rediscovered these:

ufo crochet flowers DSC_0640[1]

I didn’t count them but there are quite a lot of crocheted flowers here.  And yes, this constitutes another UFO.  This one is much more recent, say 3 or so years ago, but although all the flowers are technically finished, the project that I made them for, is not.  They were supposed to be turned into a string of crocheted flower bunting that I saw in a magazine and thought looked cute but now I don’t actually want a string of crocheted flower bunting so what a dilemma!  I am thinking maybe that I will turn them into some kind of fabric by sewing or crocheting them together OR I will embellish another cushion with them once I finish the cat cushion above.  Wombat in a field of crocheted flowers perhaps.  Either way, this is officially UFO to WIP number 2.

And now I’ve put it in writing, I have committed to completing both of them!


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